Winston Fan


My name is Winston Fan and I am currently working at Rainmaker Entertainment Vancouver as a

Compositing Supervisor. After completing a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of

British Columbia, I moved to Taiwan and worked in their IT industry for five years. Due to this

experience, I have a very solid understanding with regards to computer networking, hardware and

software. Even with the exciting technical challenges that this career offered, I was still drawn to

the creative side of the computer industry, most particularly 3D animation. I had grown up

watching many movies and anime cartoons and decided that was where my heart truly lay. Thus,

I decided to enroll at the Vancouver Film School. After graduating, in their Visual Effects stream,

I was hired as an FX Artist by Mainframe Entertainment, now known as Rainmaker

Entertainment. I have worked as an FX artist on straight to DVD shows such as Hotwheels, Max

Steel, and Fairytopia. I then worked my way up to become a Lead FX Artist on the last Max Steel

I was involved with entitled 'Dark Rival'. After finishing that production, I went on to work as a

Lead Compositor on Barbie Mariposa, and now have been promoted to Compositing Supervisor

within our company.

My role as Compositing Supervisor has helped me grow a lot as an artist. I have the responsibility

of managing a team of compositors and setting up general character and set scripts. All of this is

done within tight production timelines in order to meet our deadlines. I also work very closely

with the lighting department and help their seniors and sometimes the supervisors to come up

with lighting passes that will work well to achieve the conceptual art direction we have been

asked to match by our client and Art Department. It is from this experience that problem solving

has become one of my essential skills and I've found it has helped me enormously on every